Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me on the campaign trail

I'm no "Joe the plumber," but I've seen my share of rope lines this campaign season. Once I get all my campaign trail photos in order, I'll post more ... but here's one from Obama's recent rally in Indy. The credit for this photo goes to my friend Zbigniew Bzdak at The Chicago Tribune, who is always kind enough to spot me in the crowd and snap a photo at *just* the right moment.


june cleaver said...

Hey! I don't see the McCain button I sent you on your collar!!! Did you not get it? Maybe you are wearing it under you jacket.


Kathleen's world said...

Darn. The button must've gotten lost in the mail. And I could have worn it for Palin's rally here Friday ... well, that is if I was going to her rally. Regrettably, I'll be working. :)