Monday, October 6, 2008

Just give me a plate of pasta and I'll be happy

Asparagus (when it's prepared *just* right).
Artichoke hearts.
(Pausing to think here.)
(Still thinking.)
Yup. That's all I can come up with in the "foods I grew to like after hating them as a kid" category.
Don't most people grow to like far more than three things that they didn't like as a kid?
* I still don't like mushrooms. They are slimy and I can smell them from a mile away. Please don't try to hide them from me. I will find them and I will curse you.
* I don't eat anything that lives in the water. I haven't since the fourth grade -- with the exception of some calamari I felt I *had* to eat at a wedding reception in Sicily when I was 17. I think this one always gave my mom fits on Fridays during Lent.
* Please don't ruin polish sausage by throwing sauerkraut on top of it.
* Cantaloupe. I think this is just a smell thing.
* Anything more spicy than not really spicy at all. I'm a wimp.
* Brussels sprouts. Sorry. I just don't like the 's' on the end of "brussels." And they just look ... funny.
* Potato salad, chicken salad, antipasto salad, cole slaw and all the rest of that nonsense. Just give me a plain ole tossed salad, please.
I could go on for days.
What can I say? I guess I just don't have the most sophisticated palette around. But I'm perfectly happy liking what I like and avoiding the things I don't. My chances of traveling the world with Anthony Bourdain just sank considerably lower. That, I have to say, is the only downside.


col said...

I still remember the humiliation of going out for pizza and Mom having to bring some other nourishment for you. I mean, how un-American was that?! A kid not liking pizza. YEP-then I had my own kids. One who survived on pastina the first 4 years of her life. The other dipping everything in applesauce. Hunger strike if there's no applesauce. Poor Motts took a hit financially when #2 discovered ketchup! And remember your attempts at a world record for trying to eat peas/corn one stinking piece at a time?? I think you used to hide them in your potatoes. You had not yet learned of MY technique young grasshopper...

Kathleen's world said...

This all coming from the girl who used to pick the seeds off strawberries. I mean, that's TRULY freaky.

june cleaver said...

I remember the ever present box of glazed donuts on the top of your mom's fridge growing up... I also remember you eating honey on your peanut butter... which you put on graham crackers-that is just gross.

What in the world do you eat?

Kathleen's world said...

To June Cleaver ...
OK ... You're saying my peanut butter and honey habit was gross?? I seem to remember the Cleaver sisters eating liverwurst (ick) and combining mayonnaise with peanut butter. Now, really, who's the food freak??

june cleaver said...

mmmm... peanut butter and mayo. Have not had that in ages. I think I know what is for lunch!