Monday, October 13, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane ... in a couple months

Well, I've hit the "Purchase this itinerary" button, so it's official. I've got a trip planned to D.C. and I've timed it, conveniently, to coincide with Inauguration Day. (Thank you, BT, for the brilliant idea.) Here's hoping I'm not responsible for the biggest jinx of all jinxes. If this goes as I'm hoping it will, I'll be there in person to witness history. If it doesn't, I'll cry in my beer with my D.C. friends, visit the Newseum and trek over to the Capitol (away from the reason I'm crying in my beer) and see if the underground visitors center has FINALLY opened.
(P.S. to Col: Hold your fire.)

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Cris said...

How about we go together... one can be happy the other can be sad. Who will be which I do not know...