Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A wish list

Sometimes I think my dreams are too big, my hopes too high.
I am not a wealthy person (at least not financially). And I think I'm more adventurous in my mind than I am in real life.
But having said that, there are a lot of places I'd love to see, cultures I'd like to embrace. If I had time to kill and money to spare, here are the 10 places that would be included in my first trip around the world.

Specifically, Petra. This is the absolute top of my list. I hate to think I'll never see it. Oh, and Jordan is home to my absolute favorite king, Abdullah II. (Yes, I DO have a favorite king.)

Does anyone *not* want to go to Australia? I don't think so.

I think it should be required that we all see the pyramids before we die.

OK. Maybe not the safest place in the world, but it does have mountain gorillas.

Worth the trip just to see the seals sunbathing on the southernmost tip of South America.

Many people would head straight for the Acropolis. Me, I want to see Santorini.

The buildings in Moscow just don't look *real.* When I think of Russia, I think cold and gray. I would like to be convinced otherwise.

Also not high on the "world's safest places" list, but I would love to wander through a market in Kabul.

I've seen Scotland from the coast of Northern Ireland. Now I want to see Northern Ireland from the coast of Scotland. And I never, ever tire of seeing castles.

I wonder how many people even want to *go* to Mongolia. This is on my list because I think it would be so utterly different than anywhere else.


col said...

Jordan-quite toasty for someone who "loves" to sweat(how about the Michael Jordan statue in Chicago?)

Australia-they have MASSIVE bugs there including cockroaches and spiders

Egypt-yeah the sphinx is cool, but based on a cat. There may be subconscious allergy issues

Uganda-ditto Australia but more flora and fauna (i.e. itchy eyed, hive paradise)

Argentina-not exactly favorite king territory. How 'bout the all you can eat Argentinian place here where you can get meat on a sword?

Greece-sanitary system. 'nuf said.

Russia=BRRRRRR! And no Guinness, only nasty vodka.

Afghanistan-maybe in 10 yrs. Although M.'s history teacher may be deployed in a few months...

Scotland-What kind of Irish are you? Well, if it's only to view Ireland from the Scottish coast...
Beware of kilts.

Mongolia-I'd pick here to go first since you are right-who goes to Mongolia? Aside from Mongolian beef, i have no reference point for Mongolia. Except that Anthony B. would surely have a list of wretched foods you must sample.

So i've killjoyed nearly your entire list. If I've talked you out of it-put the dream away. If not, buy a ticket and get goin'!! (Just buy some really big cans of Raid-equivalent-you can't take that stuff on the plane you know...)

june cleaver said...

I've been to two of those places... would it kill you to know that Carl has been to just about all of them? He's so worldly... that is what my Dad said when he met him 18 years ago, that he was too "worldly" for me. I don't think he was talking about his travels.